10 Best Shoes with Wheels

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Have you ever thought of walking with shoes that have wheels? This really would make life easier for you if you are never willing to walk without a reason. But have you ever thought of the risk that you would take by wearing such shoes?

Well, with the risk aside, these shoes were designed with wheels for the ease of movement. These shoes are even taking over the world of skateboarding. No more need for skateboarding ramps as all you have on your feet are skateboards! Now, isn’t that remarkable?

For some reason, there are some individuals who will not take advantage of this newly innovated innovation and wear these shoes.

If you have been looking for the top ten best shoes with wheels in 2019, I can assure that the list that I have compiled will surely help you decide and pick one for yourself.

Heelys Kids' Propel 2.0 SneakerBest OverallHeelys Kids' Propel 2.0 Sneaker
Heelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis ShoeBudget PickHeelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis Shoe
Heelys Unisex Kids' ForceUpgrade PickHeelys Unisex Kids' Force

1. Heelys Kids' Propel 2.0 Sneaker

Our rating: 9 / 10

Heelys Kids' Propel 2.0 Sneaker

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2. Heelys Kids Hustle American Flag

Our rating: 8 / 10

Heelys Kids Hustle American Flag

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  • The bright colors make them easy to spot
  • Sneakers have great traction
  • There are a lot of choices for people
  • Easy to put on shoelaces
  • So far they have been durable


  • The normal size of these shoes run big
  • Weight limits: less than 130 pounds

The trend started in the 1980s with a running shoe designed by a team of biomechanists at the University of California. The creators of this shoe said they made them to increase running efficiency and speed.

Because this technology is fairly new, there are some parents who are still unsure of whether or not to buy their children Heelys.

In fact, many parents are concerned about safety and the weight limit on these shoes.

3. Heelys Unisex Kids' Force

Our rating: 8 / 10

Heelys Unisex Kids' Force

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  • Inexpensive
  • Can be worn off the wheels

The Heelys Unisex Kids' Force 2.0 is a comfortable shoe that can be worn with or without the wheels. With a unique signature wheel set-up, they are perfect as a beginner's wheeled shoe, but they are also a more serious shoe for intermediate riders.

The midsoles are soft and breathable while the outsoles provide solid traction on a variety of surfaces. The fusion upper is 100% synthetic and the heel is molded for maximum comfort.

4. Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker

Our rating: 7 / 10

Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker

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  • Reinforced and sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to walk in
  • Has a strap to loop around ankle for extra safety

The Heelys are an awesome new pair of shoes that have a wheel – and what is even cooler, you can make them into a scooter!

These shoes feature a real wheel which makes them incredibly cool and fun to use. It allows you to platform yourself with an awesome and skateboard feeling. You can use them to scoot or roll around the neighborhood. The wheels can go up to 4mph, and you can push or scoot for hours on end.

The size might be a little small, but if you pick the right size, it will fit perfectly. The shoes come with a 3-month warranty, and if they do break, it’s easy to replace the parts.

5. Heelys Kids' Uptown Sneaker

Our rating: 7 / 10

Heelys Kids' Uptown Sneaker

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  • They are the MOST comfortable shoes I've ever worn(temporarily sold out)!
  • I think they're kinda stylish too, which is a huge plus for Tween girls!
  • You don't need to look at the ground or watch where you're going, you just look up ahead and try to keep up with the music! You can wear them just like shoes, or ride them like a skateboard!
  • I actually bought them to help my Tween daughter learn to balance (she's not a natural, although she has a decent sense of body awareness), and they're perfect for that! Bending the knees and working on arm movements, this is a great tool to help with that, and with her coordination as well. The HEELYS moves with the rider, which is a huge plus over the other brands.
  • Finally, we decided to surprise both our daughters with a pair of these yesterday, and they've been walking around in them all day. They're so comfortable they don't want to take them off!


  • I can't say anything negative about these, but they're very popular, so they sell out very quickly!

6. Heelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis Shoe

Our rating: 6 / 10

Heelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis Shoe

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  • Balero wheel that can pivot 360 degrees
  • lightweight
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Limited sizes are available
  • Durable wheels


  • Limited sizes are available
  • Takes practice to master

Heelys are a popular line of shoes with built-in wheels. The Voyager is a classic lace up shoe with wheel in the heel. It's made of black canvas with pink accents, and it has a velcro strap across the midsole. These shoes are available in 5½, 7, 7½, 9, 9½, 11, and 12, but sizes 12 and 12½ and above appear to be unavailable.

The Voyager shoe is appropriate for light indoor use, but primarily for outdoor use. The wheel is perfect for skateboarding type strolling around the neighborhood or cruising down long sidewalks.

Some youngsters are doing more than just strolling, however. The wheels can add an element of grind-ability, which makes these shoes more appealing to skateboarders. Parents would appreciate that Heelys are less expensive than actual skate shoes and don’t require a ramp to get started.

7. Heelys Kids' Dual Up X2 Pu Sneaker

Our rating: 6 / 10

Heelys Kids' Dual Up X2 Pu Sneaker

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  • Made for young kids, not for adults
  • Made with great quality, reinforced soles
  • Comfortable when worn in
  • Breathable
  • Good traction


  • Designs could be more cool or refined
  • Not all the designs are kid-friendly
  • Some designs can be prone to breaking more easily

The Heelys X2 Performance is another double wheel shoe that makes your child ride on two wheels on the ground without actually running. Just by pushing off, they can start rolling across the floors, grass, and any other flat surfaces.

The shoe has a good wear-resistant and skid-resistant outsole and has a slightly closed toe for optimum safety.

The composition of materials is made to be eco-friendly and breathable, hence comfortable for the wearer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are shoes with wheels called?

Shoes with wheels have been around for a long time. In the past, there were specialized shoes that were made just for rollerblading but these days, they are just another type of athletic wear that crosses over between styles and uses.

Mass transit is one of the biggest growth areas of the new era of rollershoes. In the past, you would have to either walk or take a bus or subway to your destination. Now, a lot of people are choosing to roll instead.

What are the best roller shoes?

The best roller shoes for you will depend on your intended use. If you do a lot of road running, I like the Nike Free for the way it floats on the surface. The Nike Free and the New Balance Minimus are ultimately my top two recommendations.

Are Heelys good shoes?

Heelys are shoes with wheels in the soles. Children are drawn to them, and they can make a great activity shoe. Parents and teachers generally hate them.

One of the reasons people are against them is because they are not made to be the main shoes someone wears daily. They are like roller skates for your feet and are intended for use on smooth, flat surfaces. There are knee, back, and ankle problems associated with regular use of Heelys. This is unfortunate because they are generally great for kids when used sparingly.

What are the best Heelys?

As a lifelong boarder and skating enthusiast, I always start out with a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to these new fads of skates with wheels. They’re just not the same.

As it turns out, though, there are some legitimately good products out there. At the moment, the Heelys are the best of the lot. They are well-designed, well-constructed, leather shoes that also have wheels attached. Using Heelys, your kids can skate through the mall, stroll to the park, and slide up the driveway all without breaking a sweat.


Wheeled shoes provide a great and easy way for people with mobility issues to get around. While there are many wheeled shoes available in the market at present, it is worthwhile to know that each type has their own pros and cons. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the 10 best wheeled shoes in 2019.

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Heelys Kids' Propel 2.0 SneakerBest OverallHeelys Kids' Propel 2.0 Sneaker
Heelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis ShoeBudget PickHeelys Unisex Kids' Voyager Tennis Shoe
Heelys Unisex Kids' ForceUpgrade PickHeelys Unisex Kids' Force