What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress

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The Flexibility of White

Whether you’re on the golf course or at your favorite country club, you will often find that wearing white shoes is the norm. And this makes perfect sense.

White shoes go with anything, and they are the ultimate understated accessory to dress up your white outfit. So, for women, if you are thinking of what color shoes to wear with a white dress, look no further than white.

White shoes are not always the most practical, though, as they get dirty quite easily. Things can get even worse on the golf course or at the country club, where grass and sand could find their way into your shoes.

That is why I recommend that you always take a cleaning cloth with you. Those microfiber cloths are very good at taking off the dirt, and they are super fast and easy to use.

You can even take them into the dressing room so that you can clean your shoes right after you have taken them off. This will save you a lot of time, and is a great habit to get into.

Color vs. Mood

What is the best color to stand out in a crowd? Obviously, it’s white. It is the ultimate shade that you should stick to.

This is how color affects mood. A darker shade may impose a depressing mood on you, while a brighter color will give you a lift. It is strongly recommended not to wear white when you want to sound impressive and influential. You don’t want to wear a white suit when you are planning to make a deal.

Wedding dress designers know this and they use it to their advantage.

Dress wearing is an occasion of joy and celebration. They want the bride to feel like that. They want her to look stunning and happy, not doomy and oppressed.

For those wondering why the groom wears a dark-colored suit, it is because tradition holds that it is the groom who must answer for any wrong deeds of the soon-to-be married couple.

At the reception, both parties can relax and let their mental colors blend.

White Dress Types

The first thing to understand about the white dress is what type of dress you are wearing. Whether it is a winter wedding dress, an evening prom dress, a beach cover-up, or a dress for a tropical summer wedding, you get how it is made and the purpose it serves.

The basic characteristics of any white dress is that the bottom part is opaque and the top part is thinner and translucent.

Girl’s dresses often have poofy sleeves and are strapless.

Women’s dresses are more mature, elegant, and simple. They can be fitted or flowy. They have short sleeves and are sometimes sleeveless as well.

We will discuss the basic characteristics of both types of dresses.

Styling White Dresses

White can be the tennis shoes. It can be a white dress. It can be seen all around you. It is almost an establishment. White is not only for weddings, it can be a simple yet sophisticated option in any season.

For example, white dresses can be great for winter weddings because they both keep you warm in a cooler environment and blend in with the snow outside and inside the venue. The same goes for sunny summer days, as white can reflect sunlight.

Again on the wedding dress side, white would be the bride’s maids’ pick as they will match the bride seamlessly. White walls and tables are favored because they offer a sleek and modern and clean background.

As for shoes? The right pair of footwear can make all the difference when wearing any color dress. If you’re not into the white shoe trend, pick a shoe color that corresponds with the color of your dress. Or, if you’re not into shoes at all, wear a nude shoe that matches your skin tone.

Whatever it is for you, aim for comfort and style.

Styling for Sexiness

Clothes may be the first thing people notice about you, but it’s not the only thing. Whether good or bad, what people remember is your total package: your clothes, hairstyle, shoes, your manner, and your comportment. Thus, wearing the right shoes with a white dress is important!

Do you know that knowing what color shoes to wear with a white dress is crucial to playing up your sex appeal?

Because men notice shoes young women wear even when they try to pretend they don’t. Are you one of those who get dressed up and doing everything to win your man’s attention only to find that he’s checking out your feet instead of your face?

The first question most men ask about a woman is “Does she have a good sense of style?”

Maybe it’s your legs, your eyes, your hair, or your big breasts that he first notices. But it always, always, always leads to, “What shoes is she wearing?” And then the color of the shoes matters!

If you want to be the most attractive woman he has ever seen, you need to keep reading. This is what most men consider sexy in a woman.

Styling for Earthiness

Earth-toned colors such as brown, tan, and green are the most neutral colors. They suit everyone.

To wear earth tone colors, select a pair of shoes that’s made from soft leather. Shoes made from soft leather are more comfortable for long hours.

Wear earth tones in a simple and unadorned style. It doesn’t need any extras.

This brings an earthy feel to your overall style and makes you exude energy.

A pair of nicely polished earth tones is also a great option for a commute shoe. Just white? You might want to bring a spare pair of socks.

Styling for Business

There are certain rules for colors of suit to be worn in a certain season. You cannot wear a khaki suit in winter and neither can you wear a white suit in monsoon. Instead, you must be aware of the colors that suit you and your body.

In terms of dressing for meetings, a good rule of thumb is to choose from the primary and secondary colors of the Pantone Spring 2016 color report. These colors are black, gray, navy, and brown. Darker shades of these colors are more formal and should be worn only with dress shoes.

In addition to dressing to fit the season, you also must review your existing clothes. If you have a closet full of clothes that are no longer in season, you have the foundation to build your spring wardrobe.

Go through your closet, and only keep the colors that fit into the five colors that you will need. There is no point in keeping winter clothes in the spring or summer clothes in the fall.

Once you have found the colors you love, go shopping! You need to look in the stores that have the clothes that will fit into the categories.

Most men’s clothing stores—like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, and Van Heusen—carry suits in the primary colors and dark jeans or khakis.

Styling for Formal Events

Just like you wouldn’t wear a white shirt to a wedding, you wouldn’t wear a white dress to a formal event.

White is a clean, pure color. It can go with almost anything and is perfect for any occasion. White is also very bold and thus, it is important to wear a hue that is very close to white, for instance eggshell colors.

These type of colors are very versatile, and you can wear them at any occasion. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion colors, like black.

All white outfits are bright and eye-catching. When you are going to a formal event, wearing white is a huge gamble. It may not only offend the other guests, but it may also backfire on you and draw unwanted attention.

Because the other guests are dressed modestly, if you show up in all white, you will be quite unforgettable.

When you are wearing white to a formal event, ensure that the attire is modest. Wear a dress with white stockings and non-flashy accessories. These colors will make your presence very elegant and light.

Styling for Cocktail Parties

When you’re going to a cocktail party, you want to look and feel your best. What colors you wear and how you wear them will play a big part in how you feel and what others think of you.

Color can be used to project a feeling, mood, or personality, and it should be used to your advantage at any party. Your goal is to use the colors you wear to reflect the part of you that you want other people to see.

By strategically using the same principle at the same party, you want to come off like you belong together. That’s the power of color coordination!

You can coordinate color in your outfit, from your dress to your shoes and hair accessories. Or you can coordinate the color of your makeup, purse, and jewelry.

Keep in mind, however, that coordinating colors does not mean wearing multiple colors at once.

For example, if you put on an orange dress, which happens to be your favorite color, you can pick and choose pieces to wear with it that complement it. That could mean an orange necklace, a beaded bracelet, orange earrings, orange pearls, or even an orange clutch.

As long as you wear one or two complimentary colors, you will look great.

The Colors Explained

Red. Usually a no-no for a white dress. Red is pure passion. This color may make you look annoyed, angry or otherwise uncomfortable in your dress.

Usually a no-no for a white dress. Red is pure passion. This color may make you look annoyed, angry or otherwise uncomfortable in your dress. Black. Inappropriate for almost any dress. Black is pure sophistication. Black screams business and formality. For a white dress, it’s a bit too funeral.

Inappropriate for almost any dress. Black is pure sophistication. Black screams business and formality. For a white dress, it’s a bit too funeral. Dark Blue. The color of confidence. This color gives the wearer an aura of authority and seriousness. Perfect for work but not so much for a wedding.

The color of confidence. This color gives the wearer an aura of authority and seriousness. Perfect for work but not so much for a wedding. Light Blue. This color evokes serenity and tranquility. The wearer usually projects the image of a calm, peaceful, and relaxed person.