What Color Shoes With a Pink Dress

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Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy

Although it may not have escaped your notice, you’re not likely to see two people wearing exactly the same outfit.

We can usually differentiate people based on the colors they wear. Sticking to the same colors too closely, however, does not make you stand out in a crowd of people. But it’s likely to cause confusion and disorientation.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous, “blue suit guy” story, where a man is seen around every turn of the city wearing a blue business suit, imitated by thousands of people online who posted green suit guy, red suit guy, black suit guy, etc.

Color coordination is a fun skill to develop, but not when it goes overboard.

Not all your clothes need to coordinate. You don’t want to look like a walking rainbow. From a design and clothing sense, it’s better to blend in with your environment.

Therefore, using different shades of the same color instead of matching outfits is a safer choice.

Consider the color wheel to help you decide what colors to wear together.

Colors on the side of the color wheel that are closer to one another look good together.


Each and every girl knows that you can wear pink dress with white shoes. But the question stands on how many of them know that you can wear it with black shoes as well.

When you wear pink dress with black shoes, the result will be nothing short of professional and chic. White shoes are less harsh than black ones and suit this look the best.

While other dresses can be complimented by pink shoes, pink dresses are best complimented by shoes that aren’t pink at all.


And skin tones.

Skin tone is the most important factor. For example, if the skin tone is universally considered to be very pale, then you can wear almost any color and it will be fine. If the skin tone is dark, you can’t wear any color that will stand out next to it. This is because there is a substantial difference between light and dark, when it comes to skin tone.

For example, a man has yellow skin and a very pale blue shirt. He wants to put on a pair of dark brown shoes. Now, blue and brown are both colors that have yellow undertones. But, the shade of brown he chose is very dark. So it’s very likely that the picture will look bad.

On the other hand, let’s say he has very dark brown skin and the shirt is white. And he wants to wear maroon shoes.

In this case, the skin is dark enough to support the red shade and work well.

The general rule is, if the skin tone is dark, then the colors should be vibrant and bright like red, blue, green.

And if the skin tone is actually pale, then the colors should be softer and more muted, like white, gray, brown.


Evening metallic and rich, these gold, silver and platinum hues pop against any hue for a universally stylish statement. Keep them basic for day, then up your game with bold, covetable jewels at night.

Green Glam

Pair with: cream colored top, pants, and accessories.

Peach Perfection

Pair with: Cream colored top, jeans, and accessories.

Shocking Color

Probably the most common question that comes up about color combinations is which colors do not match with each other? Matching the color of the shoes in the outfit is very important.

It is a rule of thumb to match the color of the shoes to the color of the belt, clutch, bag, dress, pants, skirt, or socks.

Wearing the wrong colored shoes in a dress or skirt makes the whole thing look bunched up.

T He Best Rule of Thumb to Follow when Choosing a Pair of Shoes to Wear with a Dress or Skirt Is –

If the dress or skirt is black or has black in it – the shoe color should also be black.

If the dress or skirt is blue or has blue in it – the shoe color should be brown.

If the dress or skirt is dark green, red, or any other known color – the shoe color should be tan or neutral colored.

If the dress or skirt is multi-colored – the shoes should be multi-colored or neutral colored.

If you have a basic shoe wardrobe – i.e. a few pairs of black shoes, a few brown shoes, a few neutral colored shoes, or two pairs of dressy black shoes – all you will have to do is to select your outfit and know that the shoes you wear will also be a neutral color.

Brown Leather

The men’s shoes that you choose for a pink colored dress can be a brown leather dress shoe. A polished brown leather dress shoe can look very sharp and elegant when paired with a pink dress.

A man with an athletic build should look for a brown dress shoe that has a chiseled last. This will help prevent a bulbous and feminine appearing foot when paired with a pink dress.

On the other hand, a man with a slender build might benefit from a brown leather dress shoe that has a rounder toed last shape. This will help create some visual interest.


Maroon or Wine Red.

Burgundy, maroon, and wine red are often confused when it comes to matching colors, especially since they are often used interchangeably in clothing stores and on TV and magazines.

Burgundy is a dark, red-based color, found on the wine spectrum but with more intensity than a regular red.

Maroon used to be a term indicating the color of the uniforms of the people of the city of Maron (the English name for city of Mars), but has more recently become adopted as a kind of general name for darkish red color, and a variety of wines that are less dark and less intense than a regular burgundy.

So, maroon is a term indicating color, while burgundy is the name of a wine. Despite their names, however, they are not actually different from each other when it comes to matching.

You can wear a wine-colored dress with maroon or burgundy shoes and it will look great.


Fashion is all about expressing your individuality and creating your own personal style. And it starts with what dress, shoes, and accessories you choose.

One easy way to make sure that you get the perfect outfit and get lots of compliments is to know some fashion color combinations and how to create them.

For example, color blocking is a popular and easy way to look sophisticated and put-together. It’s a style of dress that is very popular and can easily be adapted into your wardrobe. To do this you simply have to choose a bolder color as the base, then you can add a contrasting color to dress it up.

You have various options to choose from when planning your color block look. You might choose a solid color to block, like a beautiful pink dress, paired with a sophisticated black suit. You can also choose a patterned skirt like a polka-dot pattern or a floral pattern, but this time you would block the pattern instead of the color, like a pink leopard pattern and a black suit. This is also referred as pattern matching.

The final option is to combine two blocks of the same color and add some accessories to finish the look, like a black t-shirt with a green jacket and pink jeans, completing the look with a red bag and some pink sneakers. All these ideas are shown below.

Satin Shoes

First, you need to choose your shoe’s finish. If you go for a shiny shoe, choose a satin color, and for matte, go for the darker finish.

Now open the shade wheel and start looking for the best match using your dress color.

Your satin shoe should be darker and less saturated than your dress, no matter if you are a halogen or a cool. A lighter pink would be an excellent choice if your dress is already very light, as in the case above.

However, if your dress has no bright shades of pink in it, it will not need to be as much darker than the lace (even though you will still need more contrast between them than for matching with a white dress).

If you have trouble identifying a good color match between your shoe and the lace, you can look for a bright shade of pink further away from your center color in the color scheme.

It will provide the contrasting color that you need.

Bright colors can be cool or warm – they are not limited to a specific type of person like white or ivory shoes.

The model above wears a Satin Taupe dress with her Halogen Pink Satin Shoes and the color pairing works very well.

Sporty and Lace-Up Shoes With Pink Dresses

If you want to wear running shoes with a pink dress, then you can, with a couple of considerations in mind.

White and black running shoes are pretty versatile and could be worn with any outfit.

For running shoes to be versatile, they have to either be black or white or they have to be neutral in colour.

If you have black or white running shoes, they’re versatile and can be worn with many types of clothes and in many occasions.

If you’re wearing pink, you want to be careful about the colour of the lace-up shoe.

If your running shoes are white or black, lace it up to match the pink of your dress.

Sports shoes that are blue or purple would work really well with pink or red dresses.

The collar area of your dress will also dictate whether you can wear your running shoes or not.

For a dress with a high collar area, you can wear lace-up shoes with a little bit of skin showing.

If you’re wearing a dress with a low collar area, then you’ll want to tie the laces as they’ll really stand out against your skin without laces.

Oxfords With Pink Dresses

Oxfords seem to be the “safe” choice for any dress situation.

They are a classic dress shoe and are widely available, even in thrift and consignment stores.

If you want to buy a new pair, try to find a pair of wingtips.

The classic oxford style has rounded or pointed tips, both of which work well for pink dresses.

When you are looking for your pink shoes, you need to consider the toe shape of the shoe.

A pink dress can really look unbalanced on a pointy tipped shoe. It’ll also look a little funky on a rounded tipped shoe because you won’t be able to see the pointed tip, not to mention the fact that you may clip your toes on the dress when you walk.

The wingtip will get the job done every time.

What Shoes to Wear With Formal Pink Dresses

A formal color scheme typically involves a light, neutral color like beige, grey, white or black combined with hues within the pink color range.

A variety of hues and shades of pink may occur naturally from the earth. Some of these include rose pink, blush pink, rose quartz, salmon and coral pink, to name a few.

These colors may also be man-made. The artificial coloring process involves combining the chemical dianisidine with a dye precursor and hydrogen peroxide.

One of the main challenges in combining pink with other colors is keeping the outfit classy while still looking trendy. Some of the classic color-combinations to avoid are white/hot pink, brown/hot pink, black/fuchsia and black/hot pink.

A few classic pink color-combinations include black suit/light pink, white/light pink, light pink/grey, grey/white/light pink, grey/red, fuchsia/grey, purple/white, and blue/white.

As for shoes, many women like to wear them as part of the outfit. To do so effectively without overpowering the pink, flat shoes are the best option.

Borrowed from the men, a formal tuxedo with a pink shirt is an alternative option for confident women.

What Color Boots to Wear With Pink Dresses

When it comes to combining pink with another color, many people want to know what color shoes to wear with pink dresses.

So in this post, I’ll take a closer look at that. There are many options and each goes well with a slightly different shade of pink. The darker the pink, the darker the color will be that you pair it with.

Brown Shoes

If you wear a darker shade of pink, a brown shoe will be a good choice to wear with your dress. You can combine the color in many different ways:

  • Brown pants with a pink cardigan
  • Brown hat with a pink dress

Brown jacket with a pink shirt.

Black Shoes

If you wear a slight hue of pink, black will also be a great color to wear with it. You can combine different shades of the color in many different ways:

  • Black jacket and skirt with a pink top
  • Black leather jacket with a pink dress

Black boots with a pink skirt.

What Color Tights or Hose With a Pink Dress

Pink is definitely not a color you should shy away from. It’s all about how you pair it up. You can’t just throw a pink dress on any color shoes and call it a day.

When wearing pink, it’s important to consider the entire outfit and how it will work together. The color of your dress is just one of the considerations when dressing for the day.

You need to also know what kind of cut your dress is. It will influence your choice of neckline, skirt length, and footwear.

For example, if you are wearing a low cut dress, you don’t want to wear high heels. That will not do at all.

Bare knee skin would be exposed which could make your look unnecessarily sexy.

You can wear a low heel to keep the level of sexiness at a comfortable level. Keep in mind, however, that everyone’s comfort is different. Adjust your level of sexiness accordingly.

You also want to consider the heel height when it comes to your shoes. Don’t wear a flat, high heel or anything too high.

Go for something between those extremes. You don’t want to look like a stilt walker if you can help it.