What Shoes to Wear With a Black Dress

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Glam It Up

The most important rule to remember is that your footwear must be embellished, spiky, or shimmery to complete your look. Plain black shoes have no place here!

If you’re giving a little pop of color by wearing a statement necklace, make your shoes black, and if you’re rocking a black necklace, go in with a different colored shoe.

For a professional look, go for black, neutral colored high heels. Trust me, you will be experiencing more height and confidence.

For a more casual everyday look, which makes me a little cinnamony, I go in for a more western booty to match a western dress.

For the boho look, you can go in for cowboy boots, too. These look great with a full skirt or a pair of skinny jeans with a frilly top or a tight white T-shirt. They’re also a great way to compliment a cold-shoulder dress.

If you want to feature a cool scarlet red dress, I suggest you add a pair of flashy, sparkling heels to go along with it. These work really well with edgy white and black clothing, too!

Stilettos, wedge heels, platforms, and peep toe heels can all add a lot of attitude to your look.

Make a Statement

As the name suggests, the black dress is a classic in shoe wardrobe and it is the one that most shapely legs look their best in. This polished choice is always a safe bet for formal events.

However, don’t forget that there’s a lot of opportunity to up the “style game” of this wardrobe essential. Distinctive footwear (such as statement shoes) can elevate the look and make the entire ensemble stand out.

Sure, heels are a classic choice but this doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to them.

If you are looking for creative ways to make your black dress stand out, go beyond the canvas. You may try wearing embellished heels or a pair of gladiator sandals. You also can give your outfit a more casual feel if you pick sneakers.

Regardless of your choice, the main thing is to keep your shoes in the same color palette (preferably black, white, and/or red) as your dress.

Prints and Patterns

A classic black dress is a relatively simple piece of clothing with very few possibilities for variation. In terms of shoes, a pair of complementing black pumps or heels is the safe way to go. However, you can show your individuality with other colors.

To maintain the simplicity of your dress, choose a shoe that features a single color and style. A bold one-piece shoe will add sophistication and will stay in the background while the dress stands out.

Not only that, but wearing a plain shoe will also give the illusion of longer and more slender legs thanks to the lack of detail.

For example, an Earth Sea Sky shoe features a simple white or black color and slim silhouette that does not distract from the dress.

If you want to nail it with a more daring shoe, it’s best to choose one with one striking feature or detail, such as a bright bold color or print. For example, a bold multi-colored shoe with a simple dress won’t look overwhelming.

However, if you want to go for a shoe that features multiple bold colors, prints or patterns, you should ensure that it is futuristic or unique in other ways. For example, an open toe lace up shoe in black paired with a simple dress will look too haphazard and unbalanced.

Dressing Down

The black dress can be dressed up or down. The following are suggested footwear for each:

Accessories with black jeans: Flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles, heels, and even cowboy boots.

Accessories with a black dress: The best shoes for a black dress are ballerina pumps or nude shoes in general. This will help ground the outfit and keep your focus on your dress.

Boots seem too dressy. Ankle boots and Chelsea boots are equally out of place.

Other accessories: Your bag plays a big role in the way your outfit looks. An over-the-shoulder bag is too casual with a black dress, and a handbag is too casual as well! Sorry, ladies, but that means your Bulgari or Prada will have to stay at home.


The most obvious and my favorite option for a black dress would be sneakers. If I am not going to be with my kids, I would pair a black dress with a nice pair of sneakers.

Black sneaker wedges are my absolute favorite. You can wear them everywhere. They look great with jeans, leggings and dresses. You can also wear them with shorts when it gets a little warmer.

Another thing I love to do is wear my black wedge sneakers with a black or white top with a black dress. It works great for work and can easily be dressed up.

You will find that you can get just about any black shoe with a wedge.

Sandals and Flip Flops

Now that the warm weather is approaching, it’s time to consider a good pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Typically, sandals and flip-flops will be made from either plastic or leather. They are both very comfortable and look relatively stylish, however, flip-flops are almost always only part leather.

When choosing a pair of sandals or flip-flops, look for something that has a secure fit. This is to ensure that your feet stay in the right position and prevent blisters around the toe area.

A good test is to try to slip the sandal off without using your hands. If it comes off easily, you may need to go up a size if you want a secure fit.

When it comes to choosing between sandals and flip-flops, there are many factors to take into account. However, they will have a similar design but sandals will almost always have a sole of some kind and flip-flops will never have one.

The first main difference between a sandal and flip-flop is its construction. Sandals tend to have a harder, more rigid material than flip-flops. But a really cheap pair of flip-flops will not have a rigid sole either, which means you will be very uncomfortable.


Or Heels?

When selecting the shoes to wear with a black dress, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer to wear a feminine shoe or a more sophisticated and refined shoe.

Wearing closed “comfort shoes” (flat shoes with no heel) with a formal black dress will not look appropriate. Choosing to wear heels will not work either.

Since heels are too sexy for a black dress, it’s best to select a low-heeled shoe that is more basic and refined.

^ How do I pair a black dress with flats?

There are a couple ways to pair a black dress with flats. You can choose a polo, loafer, or penny loafer. You can also go with a black dress shoe like a classic court shoe.

I think it’s important to pick a shoe that is slightly more dressy than a running shoe. But I wouldn’t go as far as a lace-up oxford, shoe with a high heel, or dress pump.

For this type of shoe, you want to find something like a low-heeled oxford. An oxford is a stylish leather lace-up shoe that is characterized by the classic perforated and closed lacing design.

Neutral Shoes With a Black Dress

One of the first rules to follow is to wear shoes that are in the same family as the colors of your dress. If you are wearing a black dress, you may choose to wear a black, white or neutral shoe, such as brown or tan. You can safely wear any of these colors with your dress.

Always stay away from wearing color-contrasting shoes with neutral colors. For instance, you won’t want to wear a black shoe with a black dress. It will look too harsh.

Your shoes and your dress should have a similar tone. If you are using a black dress as an accessory, pair it with a black or neutral shoe. Otherwise, you can also match your clothing and your shoe color. If you want to wear a neutral color, stick to a shoe with the same tone

This will keep the look balanced.

Black and White Shoes

Rule 1: Unless you are a fashion designer attending a conference, keep the white pants for athletics, tennis, or golfing.

Rule 2: Unless you are a foreign diplomat, also avoid black pants. In the United States, pants are worn for athletics and exercise. The only time they are worn as a formal wear is for diplomatic and work-related functions, such as the military, the police force, and business setups.

Rule 3: Shoes, on the other hand, can be paired with both black and white pants.

The primary concern with black and white shoes is that they have to look good together. They need to match the color of your pants.

For black pants, your best bet is black or white shoes. You can also wear shoes in two other dark colors, gray and chocolate brown.

If you have white pants, black, silver, gray, champagne, and taupe are the colors that you can match with black and white footwear.

How to Wear Red Shoes With a Black Dress

A black dress can look elegant and stunning. And often, you may want to add a feminine and sparkly touch to your look to make it pop.

If you choose the perfect accessories, this should be easy to achieve. However, if you choose the wrong accessories for your black dress, it can ruin your look. One important part of accessories is the shoes. Thus, it’s important to choose a pair of appropriate shoes with your black dress.

To avoid any wardrobe mishaps, it’s always best to keep it simple and go for either nude or black shoes.

If you wish to go bold, then you can choose red party shoes. They are the ones that can bring out the sparkle in your black dress with their shiny finish.

If you don’t feel comfortable with something as bold as red party shoes, then a red shoe that is not party-specific such as a red flat ankle boot can be just as elegant.

But we highly recommend red straps heels for these are the most versatile type of red shoes for black dresses. And it’s for the reason that they are the pair of shoes that you can wear with any clothing including dresses of many colors and patterns.

Can You Wear Boots With a Black Dress?

Yes, you can wear boots with a black dress. However, you should make sure your boots don’t have too many silver components to avoid being too flashy.

Black heels will also work with a black dress, as will black flats. These are the options I suggest to you if you want to maintain a classy look. Other colors will look good with black as well, but you may need to play with the outfit to find the right balance between the color of the dress and the color of your shoes.

Best Shoes to Wear With a Black Dress at the Office

When it comes to dressing for work you always have to balance yourself in between being trendy and being appropriate for the office.

All too often, we get stuck in a routine of wearing the same pair of shoes to work everyday because it’s so easy to just slip into the same thing and not think about it.

But instead, plan your outfits the night before and choose a great and appropriate pair of shoes to go with it.

Here are some guidelines that will help you along the way.

Are There Any Shoes that Don’t Look Good With a Black Dress?

Yes, there are a few. In fact, I’ve only came across a few shoes that are a natural yes to black and will never look out of place. It can be very easy to dress up your dress when you know the right shoes to pick.

Keeping that in mind, here’s an ultimate compilation of the best shoes to wear with a black dress, that are proven to work a treat.

All these shoes make the perfect, non-noisy accessory to your black dress.

Now, the question remains: Which of these shoes will look good with your dress?

How do you know?

Listen, that’s a million dollar question. It all comes down to your taste, your personal style.

Personally, I love sneakers (bright colors, bold prints and cool detailing).

But people think I have a teensy-bit “weird” of a sense of fashion. They think I’m a bit “out there” when it comes to fashion.